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Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Let's work together and make something great!

Jack Young was a licensed lead paint inspector for many years. Prior to that, he was a highly renowned contractor and developer, building several homes and developments in Central Massachusetts. He was also a Housing Rehabilitation Specialist for many years with the City of Newton. He wanted to bring his vast knowledge and experience into the realm of modern ideas. In 2002, his son-in-law, Shawn Young ( same last name but no relation) brought his creativity and extensive customer service experience to Ames & Young. Jack and Shawn became partners of one of the premier construction and lead abatement firms.

Throughout their years working together, they were a great blend of traditional concepts and values with a modern twist. They both wanted only the best for their customers and strived to easily guide their customers through anything from a small home repair to new construction. Ames & Young has built relationships with a variety of subcontractors as well as employees. Our subcontractors, such as electrical and plumbing, have decades of experience and are fully licensed and insured. We will not accept anything other than the best for our customers. Unfortunately, Jack is no longer with us. With his passing in 2010, Shawn and his employees continue to fulfill his legacy as well as begin a new legacy with Ames & Young, Inc.

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We promise to always provide value and outstanding customer service, regardless of your lifestyle need, design preference, or budget constraint. Let us help make your dreams into a reality.

Our builders come to work smiling and ready to build your dream. They have a passion for their expertise and are qualified to work on your project.

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Ames & Young, Inc. was founded on basic principles. Integrity, honesty, and respect go a long way in the construction industry. We strive to give our customers a higher degree of professionalism and experience than is typical of our field. Ames & Young was founded by John A. Young ( his customers knew him as Jack) over 18 years ago, in 2001. At the time, lead abatement was becoming a significant and very important issue. Jack wanted to help his customers and bring his knowledge of lead and its effects to his customers.

Shawn Young - President

Cell/txt: 508. 954. 9727
MA Construction Supervisor License #089170
MA High Risk Deleading Supervisor #000389
RRP certification RR-18867-10-00011


The right care can ensure the success of any remodeling effort. We believe in partnership & trust and work with you in achieving great results.

Quality Materials


We highly recommend name brand and Eco-friendly materials wherever possible for your project.  We will never force any specific brand on our clients.

Having the right tools for the project is bliss. We have several vehicles well equipped for multiple projects and services on the fly.

​Massachusetts Deleading Contractor DC 001762
MA Home Improvement Contractor #168415
RRP lead safe certified company NAT-34677-1
MA Lead safe renovation contractor LR002641

All of our subcontractors are licensed in their respectable trades where applicable.